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Flowers have a way of communicating what cannot be said with words. They can be sent as gifts by themselves or in combination with chocolates and other gifts that make loved ones feel as special as they deserve to. Let distance not be a barrier in making someone’s special day impeccable. Over the ages flowers have been the go to tool for expressing romantic gestures- a practice so established that there are specific flowers designed for specific anniversaries. The connection between romance and flowers is rather timeless- be it the birthday of a spouse, a wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day or even just the most memorable first date.

Roses- red roses, in fact symbolise new romance and leaves that feeling of love and excitement in the heart of the givers and recipients but it is interesting to note that over the past many years, different emotions and levels of these have been associated with different flowers.

The ideal flower that can be gifted on one’s first anniversary as per tradition would be the carnation- that speaks of new love and promises for the future to maintain and strengthen the bonds and commitment. It exudes a very delicate and fresh scent.

Fast forwarding a few years into the future (following traditions of gifting Lily of the Valley, Sunflower and Hydrangea chronologically), the beautiful daisies enter the scene- the very daisies whose petals are plucked to determine whether ‘he loves me-or he loves me not’. Let the innocence and hopefulness of the daisy mark the fifth-year milestone.

In the coming years leading to the tenth anniversary- the flowers sent shall be in this particular order- the Calla Lily- to express growth, the Freesia- to ensure faith and re-promise commitment, the lilac to reminisce the time love was first felt and the Bird of Paradise to celebrate the splendour that was the ride so far.

Daffodils express chivalry and simplicity to contrast the magnificent celebrations of the tenth anniversary. The next few years ideally are marked by sending these flowers on the anniversary- Tulips, a dozen Peony for good fortune, the Chrysanthemum, beautiful orchids for wise and experienced love that needs less words of reassurance.

The Rose emerges following fifteen solid years of commitment to promise a lifetime ahead of happiness and as an all-encompassing message of apologies and reminiscence of all the good and bad times so far.

Marking two decades of a successful life together would be the Aster, the Iris is presented on the 25th wedding anniversary to symbolism love and happiness blended with trust and hope. The beautiful Lilies shall add décor and pride on the 30th anniversary much like the beautiful and sharp Gladiolus.

Is it the fiftieth anniversary already and the need has arisen to send quick and meaningful anniversary gifts to India? India Flower Mall knows best that the right choice of flowers here would be the yellow roses and violets- the grander the better as fifty years is a BIG deal!

Best Flowers for Anniversary

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